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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and know that our customers are busy and require a be spoke service tailored to them and their lifestyle

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Feel free to leave a message or contact us for a Enquiry. We will response within minutes. Our online support will be with you to provide you with answers of your queries.

About Us

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Local Leather Repairs is the company for you if you're looking for care, repair or ongoing maintenance for any type of leather goods.

Local Leather Repairs

You don't have to waste time bringing your leather to a repair or detail shop for repairs or cleaning to keep it looking as good as new. Get expert on-site leather care and repairs from at Local Leather Repairs, the UK's leading leather care team. Damaged or aging leather can spoil the look and feel of your home, office or car, but we have the answer. Our skilled leather craftsmen travel across the UK and use tested techniques and tools to restore leather sofas, chairs and car seats to their former glory. Want to see just how great your leather can look? Call Local Leather Repairs today.

On-Site Leather Care and Repairs

At Local Leather Repairs, our goal is to keep your leather looking and feeling as good as it did when you first bought it. No matter where you live in the UK, we'll come to you to provide on-site leather care and cleaning, as well as a full range of leather repairs. Don't live with ugly damage or aging leather for another day. We can get your leather sofas and chairs looking as good as new - or even better!

Mobile Car Seat Leather Repairs

Even the act of getting into and out of your car each day can take its toll on your leather car seats. When scratches and scuffs begin to appear on your leather, call the team at Local Leather Repairs right away. Our on-site leather care team will come to you anywhere in the UK for even minor repairs. By treating damage early, we can prevent it from spreading, save you costly future repairs and maintain the value and comfort of your car. We work on all makes and models of both new and classic cars.

Book Your Visit from Local Leather Repairs

Don't wait any longer to get your leather back in showroom condition. Local Leather Repairs offers prompt and friendly service, great value and the best on-site leather care in the UK. Let us erase damage from your leather and keep it looking like new for years to come. Call us today to request a free quote on your job or book a visit from our on-site leather care team.